Our Game


Quingo is a fun, light-hearted combination of trivia and bingo that enables players to support their favorite causes just by playing! The higher a player scores, the more money goes to the charity of their choice. Quingo is free to play; the money donated to the charities comes from revenue generated via ads and in app purchases.

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Players select a charity project to play for.

Then they start the game. Each game contains five trivia questions with five correct answers. Some answers are easy to figure out, and others are more challenging, allowing all levels of players to succeed!

At the end of each game, players see how much Hope they’ve contributed to their charity, and can compare their score to their friends to see who is doing the most good.

Players can get Boosts to unlock more questions, help them through tougher questions, and earn more for their charities.

How Playing Quingo Supports Charity

Someone plays Quingo. That person has an awesome time. They watch ads and, if they like, they buy items in the game. The money generated from those ads and purchases is split between Game It Forward and our charity partners. The more Hope (points) the player earns for their selected charity, the more money that charity gets out of the pool. It’s that simple: Quingo converts play into charitable donations!


The Summit

The idea for Quingo arose at the Game It Forward Summit – a ground-breaking collaboration between passionate social-change agents (from the nonprofits PATH and Seattle Children’s) and talented game designers (working at Game It Forward, Valve, Zynga, PopCap Games, Big Fish Games, Amazon Game Studio, and Hasbro’s Wizards of the Coast).