Our Services

Game It Forward helps charitable organizations amplify their impact through game play. Our services include:

Game Development

Game It Forward will build a custom game to serve your goals.
Games can be directed at recruitment, education, crowd-sourcing, fundraising, community building…
We put fun first in our games. They are completely entertaining experiences in addition to amplifying your organization’s impact.


Game It Forward’s live events are great for team building, experienced-based marketing, conferences/conventions, and community spaces.
Players will have playful and meaningful interactions with each other, your brand, and the game site.

Applied Game Design

We’ll apply the best bits of games and game design philosophy to your app or website to serve your needs.
Game It Forward goes beyond levels, medals, and leaderboards to get at the heart of why games are so compelling, and weaves that knowledge into your product to enchant your audience.

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Why Games?

Games are the most popular form of entertainment worldwide. Humans spend tens of billions a year on games, and play games billions of hours every WEEK.
The interactive nature of games makes them the ideal media for engaging and connecting your audience. More effective than print or video.
Games can be powerful tools for social change. The best games excel at:

  • motivating players to work together towards a larger cause (e.g. working with your guild to slay a dragon in World of Warcraft)
  • compelling players to take repeated action over a long period of time (e.g. maintaining your crops in Farmville)
  • getting players to feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves (e.g. saving the universe in Mass Effect 3).

We’ve found that charitable organizations want the same qualities from their supporters. They want people to form a community around their causes, to stick with them over a long period of time, and to believe that they can change the world. Game It Forward is focused on harnessing those powers toward achieving real-world, meaningful goals for our partner organizations.


Why Game It Forward?

Our team has decades of experience with game design and development. We’ve done work for some of the biggest organizations in the game industry (Microsoft, EA, Hasbro, Activision). Now we’re turning our knowledge and passion toward building games that will change the world.